Signs Your Air Ducts Need Cleaning

Signs Your Air Ducts Need Cleaning

HVAC is used for Heat Ventilation and Air Conditioning purposes and is widely used across the globe. With the growing need of Air Conditioning comes a necessity to maintain these systems is order to work properly. HVAC takes the air passing through filters and change the temperature in order to maintain the closed environment as per requirement.

However, as the air in atmosphere is not pure. Starting from the minor particles it flies away with dust particles to the big molecules of oily flakes and so forth, these particles not only affect the Air quality but also deteriorates the efficiency of Air conditioning and temperature maintenance.

The contaminated air makes the air flow dense making it more resistive to temperature change. Moreover, due to cooling in the duct, motor coil and parts the dust becomes wet and clogs the hoses and vents hence, disrupting the Air Flow.

The clogging disrupts the efficiency of the whole system as the motor has to draw more power now to overcome the resistance in the vents. This doesn’t just end here; the scenario of such problem can pose a serious threat to health of the individuals living inside those HVAC installed premises.

The clogging components could be comprised of various organic components like bacteria, mold, dust bites, allergens firstly hinge the vents flow and can be a serious health issue to the inhabitants. That’s why it’s important to periodically check the condition of your air ducts to see if they could use air duct cleaning services.

Indicators that your HVAC Air Ducts Need Cleaning

1. The temperature you are expecting and have set on the Control unit is not actually being maintained and you notice that your HVAC is taking more time this year to heat/cool the room than it used to take when it was newly installed.

2. Whenever you switch your HVAC on, you feel that there comes dusty air in the start and then it settles which is due to the fact of dust that sets on the surface of the ducts the last time your HVAC was working and now when it is again switched on the surface duct is carried away and comes out of the vents. It’s a sign of clogging.

3. The pressure and throw of air isn’t the same as it was when it was newly deployed and now it takes higher levels of fan speed to attain the aforementioned pressure. It is a major sign that internal filters, hoses and vents are clogged which is why now the system needs higher power to let the air pass through the filters.

4. You notice that now your system is drawing more power and is becoming more inefficient day by day, it is because the motor requires more power to work through the clogging and it is a major sign that your HVAC may stop working someday as the coil and internal copper Windings are stressed out and may burnout someday trying to provide enough power to run the system.

5. The dust is visible from naked eye on air filters outside the HVAC as well as the vents housings and the grills.

What is proper maintenance and Cleaning of HVAC

1. Inspection

A proper inspection is required to gather the information regarding the HVAC in order to carry out a thorough and complete maintenance. See if there are any signs of insects, fungus, debris, pet dust or greasy flakes.

2. Dismantle

The System needs to properly dismantled before removing the out filters leading the hoses and ducts. In this process all the parts which need cleaning are separated from the system.

3. Dry Wash

High pressurized air is used to clean the surface debris and dust that is stuck in complex parts like hinges of the grill. This process can also expose any hidden contaminants that weren’t visible in the early phases of cleaning.

4. Full Wash

Now it’s time to wash the filters and vents to clean out the grease and clogging, adequate surface and clogging cleaners are used to unblock all the parts. This process is performed in detail to ensure the cleaning out of fins, filters and all parts. Electric parts are kept away from water by proper precautions and placing waterproof sheets over the sensitive parts panels.

5. Dry out

After washing the system now it time to completely dry the parts because the electrical equipment is involved and excess water near coil and motor can cause damage to the system as well as short to the out body can create havoc when comes in contact with human or other internal systems in the closed environment. This dry out process is quite same at the first dry was and is carried out with the same high pressure air blowers.

6. Reassemble

Now that all the work is done, it’s time to reassemble the system. This process is very important and is required to be done by a professional because if it is not done properly, there are high changes of something snaps off of stops working and cause damage to the system as well as other parts of the system.

7. Final Testing

Ensure safe testing of the system after full service and maintenance to see if there is anything which needs to be done.

Check the air pressure and heating/cooling of the system.

See if HVAC is making any noise that it was not present before dismantling or there is unnecessary vibration in the system.

If everything seems fine and the system is working, then switch off the system for couple hours before normal use as per advise of experts.

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